About Department:

The Department has started in the year 1989. Student who have passed B.A. with history as one of their subjects have established themselves in various fields.

About Subject:

A training in history proves to be of immense benefit from the perspective of the UPSC, MPSC, Police Dept. and other local level Clerical Competitive Examinations.Besides the Subject also offers excellentprospects to onduty stimulation research in diverse related fields. It is an interesting career option in the face of numerous recent approach.

Departmental Academic Calendar 2020-21

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Courses offered:

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.): Three years semester pattern degree course


Dr. Deepali D. BhaveM.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., NET, SETProfessor22 Years


State + National + International conferences – 11

Journals – 21

Paper Publication:

  • Published Papertitled MrunaltainchaAanibaniKalatilSanghrshparv, in the proceeding of the National Conferenceon Role of Women in the Development of Post Independent India. ISBN No. 978-81-92681-36-8
  • 2.Published Paper titled Muslim Sampradaiktaaani Aligarh chalwal in Indo Asian Research Reporter International journal, ISSN -2454-3306 (page no. 48-51)
  • 3.Published Paper titledSubhashchandra Bose YanchaVideshPrayan Marg –EkAdhyayan(page no. 56 -62) Vision Researh journal for History and Arhaeology, year II, Issue- III, Vol – II, ISSN 2349-1919
  • 4.Published Paper titledBhartiySavvidhanatilNyaikPunarvilokan –EkAdhyayan,in Research journey, International Multidisciplinary E-Research Journal,ISSN  No. -2348-7143page no. 192-194
  • 5.Published Paper titledHaldighatiYudhaAaniRanniti B.Adhar International research Journal, ISSN -2278-9308 (page no. 195-197)
  • Minor Research Project on“Dr. AmbedkarpranitKamgarChalwal –Eketihasikadhyayan” and a book published on MRP


Along with regular classes the department organizes Guest lecture, Group Discussion, Educational visit, Coins- Antic Piece &jewelry Exhibition.

Educational Visit: A educational visit to a Excavation site a Historical Places at Mansaris paidby the History Dept. Bakatik Period Historical Stupa was also visited  which was found during Exvacation. The department paid visit to Nagardhan the old Capital of Bakatakas.A temple of Shiva, Vihar and same remainingsthey are preserved in a museum. The students got a good  useful   knowledge from visit.


Excavation Site at Mansar


The Department of History conducted an exhibition about Hiroshima & Nagasaki. A picture Gallery as put about the disaster effects of Atom Bomb and its after effects. In addition to this. The Coin Exhibition was also covered right from ShershahaSuri to Akbar. The British Period and after Independence coins were also shown to students. Besides this the old Gramophone different types of locks, vessels, ornaments, copper tools, sword were presented