About Department:

Most of Maharashtrian people speak Marathi as their first language. It is also the official language of the Maharashtra state, with Nagpur serving as the state’s second capital. The Marathi Literature can be used to study Maharashtra’s cultural and linguistic heritage, including arts, history, and ancient life.

The academic study of Marathi literature begins with the establishment of Nagpur University. It contributes to the dissemination of ancient culture and philosophy’s vital values.

Marathi is an essential language for employment in the Maharashtra government’s administration. In today’s environment, this language has applications in both print and electronic media. Thousands of Marathi journals are published around the country, and there are many TV/Radio channels.

Subject Organization Society:

There is ‘Language Forum’ which regularly organizes Seminars, workshops, conferences and guest lectures on the importance of the language, communication, skills and capacity building.

Year of Establishment :1984

Departmental Calendar (Session 2020-21)

Sr. No.MonthProgramme
1September• Online Guest Lecture
2October• Certificate Exam on Mahanubhav Ved
• Cleanliness Drive
• Quiz Contest Program
• Vachan Prerana Day
3December• PPT Presentation
4January• Marathi Sanvardhan Pandharvada
5February• Online Guest Lecture on occasion Marathi Rajbhasha Gaurav Din
6July• Online Lecture Series on Syllabus (B.Com. First Sem)

Vision &Mission :

  • To Develop Best Citizens Through Marathi Language and Literature.
  • To develop the research attitude among students.
  • To create the sense among the students regarding social, educational social, educational, cultural life and Marathi Literature.
  • To motivate the students to understand the basic Marathi language
  • To prepare the students for effective communication.
  • To enable the students to acquire the skills of language, like Reading Skill, Writing Skill, Speaking Skill (Communication) and Listening skill.
  • To enable the students to face the global corporate world.
  • To develop self-confidence among students for personality development and language competence.

Staff :

Dr. Vijaya Jitendra RautM.A. (Marathi, Political Sci., Sociology, History) B.ed., M.ed., Ph.D. in Marathi.7 years
Dr. Sanjay Jiwanlal SinganjudeM.A. (Marathi, Political Sci.), M. Phil. NET (Marathi), Ph.D. in Marathi7 years

Courses Conducting :

Name of the course : Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Marathi and Marathi Lit.

Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com.) in Marathi

Programme outcome:

  • A student who has taken admission into this programme of B.A with Marathi as Compulsory and Marathi Literature subject is expected to target the following outcomes.
  1. To hone with the knowledge of basic Marathi Language and Grammar.
  2. To strengthen the linguistic capabilities of the student through theory and assignment.
  3. To ingrain the mind towards creative writing, appreciation, critical thinking and critical analysis.
  4. To develop global competencies for successful life.
  5. To cultivate a value – added life to face challenges and achieve excellence.
  6. To kindle creative mind with innovative thoughts.
  7. To enable them to enjoy life through literature.


  1. To develop reading, writing and analytical skills and communicate their ideas critically, creatively, and persuasively through the medium of language in the current informative and intensive society.
  2. To expose to a range of contexts where the language is used to meet a variety of real life communication needs.
  3. To equip with the practical, emotional, intellectual and creative aspects of language by integrating knowledge and skills.
  4. To develop their critical thinking capabilities focused through the course as an important need.
  5. To enhance the following language skills
  6. Spoken and written communication.
  7. Writing of Resume, letter writing, email & advertisement writing.

iii. Writing News-report, Essay, paragraph and review.

  1. Narration of experience and daily routine.
  2. Interview Techniques.
  3. Understanding and interpretation of poem, prose, essay, short stories, drama etc.

Research Publications:

Dr.Vijaya J. Raut

International Journals  :05

National Journals :12

Books : 01 (Book) , 03 (Edited Books),

Dr. Sanjay J. Singanjude

International Journals  :05

National Journals :09


  • The Department of Marathi organized a guest lecture on the importance of professional Marathi in the curriculum. Dr. Vijay Raut enlightened the students with his valuable words.
  • ‘Marathi BhashaSanvardhanPandharwada’ has been organized by the department. Various competitions including debate, Quiz Competition, elocution, calligraphy, speech, reading etc.
  • The department celebrates the Birth Anniversary of Shree Chakradhar Swami as it is prescribed in the syllabus.
  • The Department of Marathi celebrates ‘Marathi Rajbhasha Divas’ on 27th February every year. It organizes the guest lectures to honor the language and its importance in our day to day lives.
  • The Department of Marathi organizes ‘State Level Multilingual Seminar on the Selected Works of Dr. Dinesh Kale’ on 18th January 2020. Dr.RajendraWatane, Dr. Manoj Pandey, Dr. Manish Wankhede delivered speech and analyzed the books penned by Dr. Dinesh Kale. Dr.SharayuTaywade, Principal, Taywade College, Koradi, inaugurated the seminar. Dr.KamalkishorFutane was the chief guest of the Seminar.