Vaidarbhiya Mahila Sanstha’s Women’s College of Arts & Commerce, New Nandanvan, Nagpur has organized ‘Commerce Model Exhibition’ on Friday, 18 November 2022. The Principal of College, Dr. N. R. Dixit inaugurated the exhibition.

Addressing the gathering, the Principal Dr N. R. Dixit praised the students for putting up meaningful exhibits and asked them to keep up the good work. He also appreciated the role of the Commerce professors, Prof. Shraddha Agarwal, Prof. Snehal Mahalle, Dr. Archana Dalvi and Prof. Alka Brahmankar and others for mentoring the students in their innovative ideas.

Dr. Milind Gulhane, Dr. Prashant Gulhane, Dr. Bhende, Dr. Gaikwad, Dr. Shamkure, Dr. Khan, Prof. Sagar Tripathi, Prof. Pranay Date, Prof. Vishal Sorte were also present to boost the confidence of the participants in the exhibition.