[thim-heading main_title=”Guidelines for Students” title_uppercase=”” clone_title=”” line=”true” text_align=”text-center”]
  1. After the process of admission, If the students wants to cancel the admission the amount will not be refunded.
  2. Students appearing for University exam must pay all the installments of admission fees before submitting exam form.
  3. If the admission fees and dues are not paid on or before the last date fine will be added. Students failing to pay the admission fees will not be permitted to appear in the University exam and parents will be fully responsible for it.
  4. After admission if the student fail to attend the classes or want to leave the college, she has to pay the term fees, nothing will be refunded.She will not be given any certificate.
  5. If the student fails to appear in the college exam fine will be charged.
  6. The student will have to pay the full college fees if she fails to fill the scholarship form.
  7. If the rules are violated parents will be informed and admission will be cancelled.
[thim-heading main_title=”Identity Card” title_uppercase=”” clone_title=”” line=”true” text_align=”text-center”]
  1. After admission students will be given identity card. Without identity card student will not be permitted to enter in the college premises.
  2. If the identity card is lost or damaged a fine will be incurred for a duplicate identity card.
[thim-heading main_title=”Attendance Rule” title_uppercase=”” clone_title=”” line=”true” text_align=”text-center”]
  1. Attendance should be regular.
  2. Students should be present in the classroom according to time table.
  3. Attendance should be more than 75% or else students are not allowed to appear in the final exam.
  4. Due to any unavoidable reason if the attendance is low, student should inform the Principal with proper application.
  5. In case of illness Physician’s certificate is necessary, If the medical certificate found illegal, proper action will be taken.
[thim-heading main_title=”Concessions and Scholarships” title_uppercase=”” clone_title=”” line=””]

General Instructions:

The following scholarships and fee concessions are available to students by fulfilling the criteria laid down by Government of India/Government of Maharashtra.

The Government aid depends on righteous conduct an educational advancement of student. The Board of Grants has right to cancel the concession, If the Principal of college gives the unsatisfactory remark in this matter. The students will be detained for indiscipline, strike, absenteeism and negligence in studies.

To avail the scholarship and concession the students must abide by the following rule.

[thim-heading main_title=”National Service Scheme (NSS)” title_uppercase=”” clone_title=”” line=”true” text_align=”text-center”]

In our college National Service Scheme Unit is affiliated to Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Nagpur and has allotted strength of 150 volunteers. The NSS intends to inculcate the qualities of the self dependence, social sensibility and honesty.

Our college has won the award for the best National Service Scheme Unit by Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Nagpur for the 2014-15.

Further the best NSS programme officer award was received by Dr. Deepak k Pawar for the year 2014-15.

The following are the activities undertaken by NSS Unit.

  1. De-addiction drive
  2. Participation in various rallies organized by University.
  3. Road safety Campaign.
  4. Various activities on Aid Awareness Campaign on behalf of Red Ribbon Club of NSS Unit.
  5. Cleanliness drive Shramdan Shibir, counselling of NSS Unit on the occasion of NSS Foundation Day and Birth Anniversary of M Gandhi from 24th September to 2nd October.
  6. Social Awareness Rally and lecture on female foeticide.
  7. Sapling Plantation programme and conservation week.
  8. Programme on Emergency Management Training.
  9. Search Campaign of outside school student.
  10. By joining NSS students will get marks out of 10 in university exam, as per RTMNU, Nagpur.
  11. Nirmalaya collected in Ganapati Festival at Sakkardara leave.