WomenCell – Vishakha

Information about the Women’s Cell:

The womens cell of Womens College of Arts and Commere, Nagpur was established in Januar 2007. This was done as per the instruction of the National Commission for Women, set up under the National Commission for Women Act 1990. The circular was based on the guidelines drawn up following the Supreme court Judgement on sexual harassment at workplace,1992. The circular included guidelines drawn up following the Supreme Court judgment on sexual harassment at workplae,1992. The cirular included guidelines laid down by the Supreme Court and emphasized protetion of women against such harassment and the riht to work with dignity.

In our Indian socity because of traditional dominating role of men the condition of housewies as ell as few workin women, was pitiable hence most of the women felt insecurity before and after marriage, therefore there as a continuous demand to improve the women’s status in society and equal rights for all other ativities. The Government of India started large number of ‘Women’s Study Centre’ is our university system which has been working for the last two decades. This studies centre is for removing the barrier of gender in the society. Wonens Collage is runing the same entre in the name of Vishakha Women’s Cell.