Performance of the Institution in One Area Distinctive to its Vision,
Priority and Thrust

Vision: To develop the all-round personality of students and make them better human beings and responsible citizen of India.

Priority: Apart from the curriculum delivery, giving skill-based training to strengthen the employability of students.

Thrust: To find out student’s latent qualities for deploying them in the right area which they would utilize in their career.

The college true to its vision and mission of reaching to the first generation learners coming from slum and rural areas with special emphasis on their overall development is providing quality education to the students. It has been our prime objective to bring the students into the mainstream of education and enhancing their employability. Getting a job is a key factor in the urban area, which is a far away dream as they lack financial support and enough exposure  to essential facilities. Furthermore, the medium of instruction is Marathi or Hindi at primary, secondary, higher secondary and university level which keeps them away from proper English exposure. Consequently, the majority of the students find it difficult to face the challenges of the corporate world. These students shoulder the responsibility of their financially poor family, some students work as receptionist after college time and on holidays. Therefore, institution decided to train them in soft-skills and develop their employability to some extent. Keeping in mind the objective of employability and soft- skill development of students, the institute has decided to launch 7 short-term courses in the session 2019-20. These are as follows:

  1. Certificate Course in Spoken English and Personality development (– Participants)
  2. Certificate Course in Beauty Parlour (20 Participants)
  3. Certificate Course in Fashion Designing (17 Participants)
  4. Certificate Course in Fabric Embroidery(20 Participants)
  5. Certificate Course in Tie and Dye and Envelope Making (24 Participants)
  6. Certificate Course in Best out of Waste (30 Participants)
  7. Certificate Course in Flower Arrangement (30 Participants)

The above courses are framed in the various durations i.e. 2 weeks to 6 weeks: three classes designed per week. The classes are organized in such a way that no routine schedule of the curriculum is disturbed. Spoken English and Personality Development helps them manage their stage fear, and the courses related to fashion designing, beauty Parlour, Fabric Embroidery, Tie and Dye and Envelope Making, Best out of Waste and Flower Arrangement provide the students with an opportunity to earn some money. All the courses have completed successfully. 171 students are benefitted from these courses.