Year of Establishment: 1997

 Vision: With students, we are committed to developing scientific, interpretative, and critical capacities for understanding the social and cultural forces that shape the human experience. We strive to foster a lifelong engagement with questions of social justice. Understands social change and tries to adapts the individual and the society accordingly.

Mission: Sociology Department provides a high quality, inclusive educational experience that challenges and prepares students to become engaged and effective members of their communities; engages in interesting and relevant scholarship; and interacts regularly with stakeholders from wider communities, producing valuable public opinion about social justice. To prepare man to live as a man in society.


Name  Qualifications Experience
Prof. Dr. Dipak Krushnarao Pawar M.A. (Soc.), S.E.T.(Soc.), Ph.D., M.S.W., M.Com., B.Ed. 22 Year


Courses conducting:

Name of the Course:     Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Sociology Strength allotted:  80

Programme outcome:

  1. Explain the sociological perspective, broadly defined; use sociological theory to explain social problems and issues; make theoretically-informed recommendations to address current social problems; and demonstrate the utility of the sociological perspective for their lives.
  1. Demonstrate the ability to interpret, locate, evaluate, generate, and use sociologically relevant data to test hypotheses and draw evidence-based.
  2. Integrate sociological theory, research, and data in order to assess various explanations of social phenomena and to assess social.
  1. To understand the role of religion, family and education in the society.
  2. To understand various concepts such as Law, Society, Community, Association, Institution,

Organization and another basic concept of Sociology.


Educational Visits:

  1. Melghat & Chikhaldhara (Dist. Amraoti):

The Department of Sociology has organized Three Day Educational visit on dated 08, 09 and 10 Jan. 2018 to Dr. Ashish Satavʹs ʻMahan Trustʼ,ʻMahatma Gandhi Tribal Hospitalʼ which have been relentlessly working for the betterment of Korku Tribepopulars areas of Melghat. The department has also visited Dr. Smita kolheʼs projects at Kolupur as well as Sunil DeshpandeʼsʻSampoorna Bamboo Prakalpasʼ at Lavada. The Prominent motive of the tour was to study the life of tribals, Problems, Culture, Malnutrition and the N.G.O.ʼs working for their welfare.

  1. Old Age Home

The Department of Sociology has organized One Day Educational visit to Panchavati Old Age Home, Umred Road, Nagpur on dated 16 Feb. 2019. And Auyshamati Aarikant Shitu Old Age Home, Mansar, Tah.. Ramtek, Dist. Nagpur. On dated 2 March 2020.

Object was visit, the student able to understand the pathetic condition of old age people and they became aware that old age home is not option to put the old people there.

Guest Lecture:

  1. Mohan Nagrale, H.O.D. – Sociology, R.S. Mundale Dharampeth College, Nagpur, on the topic of ʻSociology and Modern Society on 26 July 2017.
  2. Prakash Sonak, H.O.D. – Sociology, Yashoda Girls Arts and Commerce College, Nagpur, on the topic of ʻCentury of Indian Sociologyʼ on 28Feb. 2019.
  3. Rajendra Kamble, H.O.D. – Sociology, Indira Gandhi Arts and Commerce College, Kalmeshwar, Dist. Nagpur, on the topic of Movement on Save Merit Save Nationʼ on 19 Sept. 2019.
  4. Online lecture by Dr. Vinod Khedkar, H.O.D. – Sociology, Dr. M.K. Umathe Arts and Ramchandra Mokhare Commerce College, Nagpur, on the topic of ʻVarious Opportunity in Sociologyʼ on 13 Feb. 2021.

Birth Anniversary Programme of Krantijyoti Savitribai Fule:

  1. Dated 03 Jan. 2019 – Guest- Prof. Bharati Rajapure – Dawane
  2. On line Programme dated 04 Jan. 2021 – Guest – Dr. Smita Mehetre